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Since taking your class, I have had several auditions. Not once did I get flustered. I just pretended it was class. One audition in particular, with 4 people being in the room.... inside screaming for help … guess what? I booked that ish!! That camera did not scare me…. Love you for your generosity and passion.
— Justine Hall
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Click the purple Links to review Zoom In Plus & Class Schedule

I just got back from a callback from the ABC Diversity Showcase and they gave us sides. I was a bit nervous but I literally just referred back to my notes from your class and I felt so completely prepared and dare I say had a lot of fun!

seriously thank you again. Your class is one of the few I keep going back to for auditions.
— Colin Ascercion
Having all my training in theatre, it has been quite a transition to tv/film. To my surprise, learning how to act for the camera has had the bonus of making me a better stage actor as well. And my tapes and auditions are now of booking quality. No more drama about auditioning, because I know exactly what to do. and the number of casting directors who call me in are the proof!
— Deb Unger
“Coming from a musical theatre background, Roz’s class has given me the confidence to relax and breath on camera. I’m actually listening to my reader and I respond in real time. One of the many things I’ve learned is how to light myself and make a great audition tape. I’m also more accepting of how I LOOK on camera too! I just signed up for another 6 weeks. This online class is GOLD!
— James Alexander
Omg! I just had the best audition today! Roz, I did as you said, to own it and not to worry about what the other people are doing. Give them your best show. For the first time, I walked in with confidence, I owned the material, and enjoyed it! Who knew! I’m thanking you for the numerous audition opportunities you’ve given us, Roz, along with the great feedback. I’m also thanking each and every one of my classmates from both Mon night and Tuesday classes. The feedback you got from your scenes as well as the choices you made in those scenes enabled me to build on the character I was playing today. Love you guys, 😄
— Tanya Randall