Go Maria!!! Share the joy!!!

Wanted to share the great news: I got cast in the lead role in Evil Lives Here, the most watched show on Investigation Discovery. And I got it based on a SELF-TAPE!

I did everything you told us to do, including taking time in the opening beat, living through the moments and the transitions, and taking my time at the end! I was confident, calm and solid.

The executive producer, who I follow on Twitter, wrote to me right after he viewed the tape: "VERY impressive audition."

What else can I say? When I first saw you in Karen's free seminar, I knew I needed the skills you discussed. I knew I needed to address my tech fears, learn how to do this stuff and work on camera with ease. Now I can.

And I booked a LEAD role because of it! Just wanted to share the joy.

See you in class on Tuesday!


Rosalyn Coleman Williams

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