Happy New Year.

2016 has indeed been one hell of a ride but I can say that I find Joy As I reflect on my growth,I must say that I am thankful for all that you have brought to the table. Till this very day, I  reflect on the techniques you shared, your approach, your creativity and your honest truth. All which I carry with me on this journey. It's imperative to go back show appreciation towards anyone who has made a difference in your life, especially with the  reminder that tomorrow isn't promised. 

 Happy Holidays Roz,

You are a forced to be reckoned with!


Roseanne Chery 

Thanks for the kind words. RIght back at all of you!!

Thanks for the kind words. RIght back at all of you!!

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"Being on the road doesn't mean that auditioning stops. I have had to make over 20 self tapes in the past year. But surprisingly a lot of these tapes have been for musicals and plays. Because of the work I did with Roz in Zoom in Acting, I have learned to self tape with confidence; securing two recent jobs! The first Violet at the Clarence Brown Theatre and the second a beautiful two person play, I and You by Lauren Gunderson at TheatreSquared in AR. I feel so confident with everything from the technical aspects of a self tape to the meat and potatoes of the acting work! Thank you, Roz"

Go Maria!!! Share the joy!!!

Wanted to share the great news: I got cast in the lead role in Evil Lives Here, the most watched show on Investigation Discovery. And I got it based on a SELF-TAPE!

I did everything you told us to do, including taking time in the opening beat, living through the moments and the transitions, and taking my time at the end! I was confident, calm and solid.

The executive producer, who I follow on Twitter, wrote to me right after he viewed the tape: "VERY impressive audition."

What else can I say? When I first saw you in Karen's free seminar, I knew I needed the skills you discussed. I knew I needed to address my tech fears, learn how to do this stuff and work on camera with ease. Now I can.

And I booked a LEAD role because of it! Just wanted to share the joy.

See you in class on Tuesday!



Coming from a musical theatre background, Roz’s class has given me the confidence to relax and breath on camera. I’m actually listening to my reader and I respond in real time. One of the many things I’ve learned is how to light myself and make a great audition tape. I’m also more accepting of how I LOOK on camera too! I just signed up for another 6 weeks. This online class is GOLD!

— James Alexander


Omg! I just had the best audition today! Roz, I did as you said, to own it and not to worry about what the other people are doing. Give them your best show. For the first time, I walked in with confidence, I owned the material, and enjoyed it! Who knew! I'm thanking you for the numerous audition opportunities you've given us, Roz, along with the great feedback. I'm also thanking each and every one of my classmates from both Mon night and Tuesday classes. The feedback you got from your scenes as well as the choices you made in those scenes enabled me to build on the character I was playing today. Love you guys, Oh, this wasn't supposed to be my testimonial, Roz. I was actually taping it. I just wanted to say Thank You. Now I'm back to work on writing the short that all of you have inspired me to do and yes, I will be meeting w/you & Craig shortly to discuss. I'll miss next class but as soon as I'm done writing, I will be back!😄  Tanya