How do I look?
Where do I look?
How do I sound?
Should I put on more make up?
Should I act it out on the couch?
Should I use props?
Is it too dark?
Does it look professional?
Do I need a reader?
Is my reader too loud?
Does the dialogue have to be perfect?
Should I stand or sit? Or stand then sit?
Do I have the right equipment?
How much do I need to spend on a good camera?

And if you have to think about all that - when do you concentrate on your acting?

I can break all that down for you, and it's gonna happen in my Free Self-Taping Seminar on Monday July 18, 2pm eastern time. LIVE!

I'm here to help you - send me your latest self-tapes. Something that you submitted for an audition, send me a link from you tube or vimeo or your dropbox and during the Free Seminar on Monday, I'll take a look at it and show you how you could have made it stronger.

If you don't have any self tapes to send me. Ask me and I'll send you sides to put on tape for the Free Seminar.

What you'll learn in this Free seminar:

Confident, specific opening beats
When to be big, when to be small (and yes you can be big)
Where to focus your eyes
What should be in your background
How to make the most out of your lighting situation
What you need for an effective home studio
Shift your mindset to make you more powerful on camera

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“Roz has opened my eyes to things no other acting coach has. She is so insightful, so specific— I find myself having epiphanies in every session. And you’ll see results. After working with Roz I booked the lead in two independent films and just shot a Time Warner Cable commercial last week!
— Jewel Elizabeth

There is a $100 discount that expires Saturday, July 16, Midnight..... But if you register for the Free call, you'll still have the opportunity to get that discount, PLUS some amazing perks and bonuses.

I want you to create a path to the acting life you deserve.

Love, Roz