Here are your biggest TV audition challenges:

Nerves. Nerves. Nerves. Nerves. 
Staying grounded. 
Suffering during the audition. 
Not getting off book.
Memorization woes. 
Not bringing something special. 
Trying to do it "right." 
Not having fun. 
Inexperienced stage performer.
Finding the underlining emotional trigger.
Working quickly and productively
Not sure what decisions to make with the script
Lacking confidence.
Getting intimidated.  
Getting stuck in your head. 
Not enough time to get in the groove. 
Acting with a reader. 
Overly excited. 
Not sure how much you should prepare. 
How far you should go?
Being told you're too big on camera.

You want to slay your on camera TV auditions because you need:

  • to share your gift - in life and in auditions.
  • to prove you're a good actor. to play complex character adding you unique understanding.
  • to kick off the chain reaction: great acting leads to more fans, a higher profile and high paying TV gigs.
  • to gain confidence, and more  have CHOICES as an actor.
  • to exercise your passion for telling stories.
  • to have fun to work out your acting instrument in auditions. 


When your on camera self tapes and in person auditions are not creating results...