Are your self taped auditions getting you jobs?


Let me help you step up your TV audition Game.  

You're looking to feel super confident in the audition room, but not sure where to start.

How about right here?  Right now?

If you don't get better at auditions on camera where will you be this time next year? 

Here are your biggest TV audition challenges:

Nerves. Nerves. Nerves. Nerves. 
Staying grounded. 
Suffering during the audition. 
Not getting off book.
Memorization woes. 
Not bringing something special. 
Trying to do it "right." 
Not having fun. 
Not enough experience because you're a stage performer
Finding the underlining emotional trigger.
Working quickly. 
Not sure what decisions to make with the script
Lack confidence.
Getting intimidated.  
Getting stuck in your head. 
Not enough time to get in the groove. 
Acting with a reader. 
Overly excited. 
Not sure how much you should prepare. 
How far you should go?
Being told you're too big on camera.

You want to slay your on camera TV auditions because you:

Realize that YOU need to share your gift - in life and in auditions. You want to prove you're a good actor.

You don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to wait for someone to tell you what to do with a scene or how to play a character you already understand.

You understand that great acting leads to more fans, a higher profile and high paying TV gigs, more confidence, and more CHOICES. 

Or maybe you just have a passion for telling stories. And, like me, you think it’s fun to work out your acting instrument.  

(That’s absolutely cool with me)

If any of the above resonates with you… keep on reading friend....

nuts and bolts banner.png

It’s called Zoom In Acting.
on camera, on demand.


  1. Give you that on camera knowledge you long for.
  2. Teach you how to use the camera as a tool to grow as an actor.
  3. Give you a fast and effective way to prepare for auditions.


  1. Getting known as an actor because of your skills.
  2. Less stress about changes in the audition process because your work is rock solid and you know how to go with the flow.  
  3. More time doing what you love because you don’t waste time and energy on self sabotage. You know how to turn any experience into a growth process.
  4. More money because you are rid of the mystery of self-submissions, you can make them at home. No need to hire a coach. 
  5. Less frustration because you are held accountable as an actor and you know what to do daily to make your work better on screen. 
  6. Banish self doubt. 
  7. Thrive on more confidence at auditions and in life.  

I will give you these tools. But don't take my word for it.

“Hi Beautiful Roz. Just wanted to thank you again for working in that audition with me. I got the job.

— Daniel Fox

“Just wanted to let you know, they called 10 minutes after I sent over the video today and want to sign me. Thanks for all your help!”

— Dayla Perkins

“Oh my gosh Roz I booked a Guest Starring role on L&O CI. I am still so excited about it. I have 4 scenes (already shot 2) and then I die and get run over 3 times. It’s the ‘teaser.’ Thanks so much for helping to prepare to be able to get something like this. You are the best. Talk with you all soon.”
— Keisha Alfred
Today seemed like a proper day to write and once again tell you just how much your teaching has meant to me. I’ll always carry with me the most important rule that you opened up to me - There are no rules. Your encouragement and belief in me have given me so much inspiration. Thank you thank you thank you…
— Ashley Diane Currie

If you are on this page reading, I think you are probably like the hundreds of actors I have helped transition into film and TV from Theatre.  Or they have leveled up from co-stars to series regular. Indie film queen to series regular. Even student to series regular. 

I bet you are a lot like them: 
You know how to act. 
You have trained and invested a lot of time and money showing your work to casting directors. 
You have the gift. You have the drive.
But you struggle to SHOW up under pressure in a way that makes them want to write a role for you.
(Yes it happens.)

Change the sex/age of the character because your acting is too damn juicy to not be used on their show.  

I have clients in pilot deals with networks.  Getting paid to not work for any other network until the right TV show comes along to make them a star.  

It sucks when: 

  • You don't win the room.
  • You finish your comedy scene and... crickets.  

Awkward. I get it.

You're not living your destiny as an actor.  
You are not YOU in auditions and in front of the camera. 
What you need is someone to help you improve your on camera acting skills.  

  • A solid growth plan that works for you,
  • Improving your your skills and not throwing out your training. 
  • Someone to show you a way to rehearse.


That’s exactly what I do.  

I am Roz Acting Coach, Creative Catalyst  
I change my hair often so get used to it.  
Nice to meet you.  :-)




Allow me to introduce myself. 

I’m Roz Coleman Williams, I'm a passionate advocate of 1 big thing: bringing actors and tech together to create meaningful work that amplifies their gifts.

I'm a wife, mother and working actress, with Broadway Film and TV credits. 

Acted with A-Listers
Tom Cruise
Viola Davis
Samuel L. Jackson

Oscar winners
Halle Berry
Meryl Streep

I've directed many film projects that have screened on TV nationally and in film festivals all around the world.

As an Educator/Acting Coach I've worked with A-Lister's on high budget film and TV sets. I teach at NYU, SUNY Purchase and many performing arts institutions around the country. 

Just like you, I put myself on tape and go to my auditions and when the planets align I book the job.

I know this process, I've lived this process as a professional actor for over 25 years. I bring that knowledge to everything I do and I want to bring it to you.

When I facilitate true growth in an artist

Those of you who know me know…

I literally dance!


I will not hold back - Anything.  Everything I have learned I will teach you.

because I have had incredible teachers. (yes I still take classes)
I believe in the human potential of the artist to actually save the planet.
I know the power of story.  
It's kinda funny actually, I became a leader/teacher at weight watchers after losing only 11 pounds. Teaching is in my blood. 

Why I am Different?

1. I audition, I work
2. I coach on set, that puts me in conversation with directors and producers, keeps me relevant, keeps me current, keeps me connected to an ever changing industry.
3. I am a director
4. I am an educator

What I've learned from actors who work hard and have had continued success, who have little or no training is:

Acting is not mysterious or precious.

I took a fresh look at my own journey from theatre to Film and TV and here’s what I learned.

It just depends on how you're wired and that is exactly where I meet you. 

Get out of your head and put your talent into the work!   



Roz what a blessing you are - When I joined Zoom in Acting, I knew nothing about self taping. I only knew the industry had changed. I was completely baffled.
In addition to learning to tape, edit and post my auditions, I’ve learned about lighting and background.... The class has completely changed my life. It’s gotten me back on track with my career. I have so much more to work on, but the areas needing improvements are clearer
— Prairie Flower Griffith

“You are a tremendously talented teacher. Thank you for your frankness, your sense of humor, your passion and for lifting the veil from the mysteries of on camera work. Having a teacher who is also a working actor, who’s been there and done that, is an invaluable experience for an actor taking classes and learning new techniques. I look forward to working with you in the future, whether in coaching sessions, classes, or hopefully even on screen. Keep well, keep teaching, keep working and keep putting out that podcast (it’s so helpful!).
— Jason Winfield

“Roz has opened my eyes to things no other acting coach has. She is so insightful, so specific— I find myself having epiphanies in every session. And you’ll see results. After working with Roz I booked the lead in two independent films and just shot a Time Warner Cable commercial last week!
— Jewel Elizabeth

Just completed an awesome on-line class with a wonderful insightful teacher from NYC. Rosalyn Coleman Williams. Check her out. She keeps the fun in acting and you won’t have to negotiate the 405 to get to class.. Just use your computer from home or wherever... Zoom In Acting ...I am much more comfortable with self tapes and see how lightening can really makes the character stand out. ...I have a keener eye and can see when scenes are not working or too stagey. ....Watching others and hearing Roz’s critique allowed me to make choices I had not thought of.
— Rosemary Thomas

I have learned 1) not to try and be perfect or not try to create what I think others what to see, but rather live in the scene, be “real”, alive, have human qualities, 2) don’t be afraid to take my time and live in the moments, 3) my self tapes and editing have gotten better and easier (thank you iPhone and iMovie) and I’m not always worried about how I’m going to set up each time. Now I just need a space where I can leave it always set up. 4) listening, and 5) getting to see everyone’s work, you do learn so much by watching others and being reminded how much talent there is out there!
— Brandon Mitchell

I have gained a lot from attending Roz’ online class! I’m experiencing a big decrease in the drama of self taping & Eco casting submissions. I’m working on conquering my fear and ignorance of tech issues. I’m benefiting from her expert eye in critiquing my on camera acting work. The community of actors who take advantage of her on going Q & A forum where Roz addresses our concerns is of tremendous value. Overall it’s a very worthwhile experience! Thanks Roz! ~
— Dawn Young

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